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If there is something that chills me to the bone then this is it…

Signs She’s Cheating

1. She has detached herself from your family and friends. She is feeling guilty and finds it too hard to face your family and friends. You may even feel your spouse or girlfriend acting distant towards you.

2. A “friend” has come into the mix. You hear more and more of this friend but get no details when you ask about him. “He’s only a friend!” or is he?

3. Her priorities have shifted drastically away from you. Your regular outings with her are not too regular anymore. Her new affair will require more time. You lose out!

4. She lashes out at you whenever she can. By finding a reason to lash out, she is easing her guilt while almost justifying her cheating ways.

5.She becomes defensive when you ask “Why did it take you 5 hours to go to the grocery store?” You get the picture. She answers you with a question to give herself more time to answer how she “needs” to. You will start to notice that her answers aren’t adding up all the time.

6. Her physical appearance and style has changed overnight. Just like she use to “dress up” when you started dating, she will feel the need to impress her new man. Her style has started to conform to his.

7. Her conversations no longer start with “We”; they have been substituted with “I”. Where your opinion use to mean the world to her, it no longer is needed before she acts. (Ex. Comes home with a new super short hair dew without asking you, where she would have never done something so drastic without consulting with you in the good old days)

8. The Sex drops off! It always does. Where it is more likely for a man to have an affair without the emotional attachment, a woman will almost feel like it’s wrong to have sex with her fading boyfriend while in this new affair. Once again, you lose out!

9. She’s not in the mood to “blank” with you, but the second a friend calls she is ready to go “blanking”. This away time allows her to communicate with her new man.

10. What’s worse than when she nags at you constantly? You got it! She doesn’t seem to care anymore what you are doing or what’s going on in your life. (Ex. Doesn’t mention how proud she is for you getting your promotion where she would have been all over that in the past.)

And there are more signs of course….

Signs of Cheating Men

1. You get that gut feeling that tells you he’s cheating on you. Things just aren’t adding up. You all of sudden feel the need to go through his belongings almost expecting to find something.

2. When you question your man he gets very defensive. He might even get mad at you to throw you off. He is hoping that you will put your thoughts of infidelity to rest if you are afraid to ask about it.

3. His stories aren’t making sense. This is because he will make up a story at that time and for the moment not realizing that the date or times don’t add up. He will sometimes forget what he told 3 days ago. So make a mental note and ask again casually in 3 days. Work will seem to pop up a lot to cover time lapses. This is classic. I was the hardest working man when I was cheating!

4. You are feeling that dis-connected feeling within your relationship. Remember that see-saw back in the school yard. When one side went up, you know where the other side was. This is usually the same when your mate is having an affair. Many times there is a deeper problem in the relationship that would need to be fixed anyhow if you are to truly be happy. Although you are not to blame for someone stepping out on a relationship, infidelity is usually a symptom of a deeper problem.

5. You discover e-mail accounts that you didn’t know existed. He will refuse to give you access to his email account. He’s not stupid! Is he?

6. He doesn’t invite you around his friends, company events, and other social activities. Is he cheating at work? It can be worse than a nightclub. There will probably be less of a chance that he is cheating at a night club.

7. Unusual mood swings. These are one of many signs of cheating men that is caused by the internal conflict and struggle that you man is going through during his time of infidelity.

8. The sex frequency has changed! Yup, I remember a conversation with a man in a night club many years ago and what he told me was.

“If you remember one thing, remember that if your wife is use to having sex 3 times a week, it should never fall below 3.It can be more sometimes but never less!”

and of course there are more signs…..



The Darkness In That Night
© Josh

A chill in the air awoke him
And he pulled his blankets tight
The booze was running strong
It had been a good night

He felt sick and tried to sleep again
Relaxed and breathed a sigh
The room was dark and silent
And he could still taste the rye

He laid there dazed and lazy
But something was not right
He felt the need to investigate
The darkness in that night

He sat up and rubbed his eyes
And looked over at his side
When he didn’t see her
A fear crept up inside

He knew something was wrong
She is never up this late
Now his curiosity
Would make him investigate

He strained his ears to listen
Hoping he could hear her
But couldn’t hear a thing
Only his heart beating fear

He stood up and walked to the door
And pause one more time
Again he heard no sound
But saw a dull lights shine

It came from downstairs somewhere
And he knew she must be here
He went down the stairs to find her
And grab another beer

He went down the stairs slowly
And turned the corner to the hall
Took two steps to the kitchen
Two steps that was all

He stopped and stood silent
His body frozen in shock
His mind trying to comprehend
As time ticked off the clock

He watched the look of pleasure
The passion in her eye
As she took everything he had
And gave it to another guy

His body began to tremble
His emotions ran hot
He was going to kill them
Right there on the spot

He walked into the kitchen
And tried to grab a knife
He wasn’t going to listen
Just going to take their life

They heard him open drawers
And panic filled the air
They were caught red handed
But could only just stand there

He screamed at them and threatened
And smashed everything in sight
This was it for him
He would deal with this tonight

She tried to walk up and grab him
But something held her in place
She knew something was wrong
By the pain on his face

He fell down on the floor
Overwhelmed with grief
He knew it was too much
He would find no relief

The pain was too much for him
And he began to fade
The anger in his blood
Spilling out along his blade

All the screams became silent
And he felt no more fear
This day would never shine on him
For he would not be here

He prayed the dark would come
And take him away
He would not have to feel this
For even one lonely day

His body shook and he knew
That his time was near
When she came to hold him
And whispered in his ear

I’m sorry love, you know I am
Please don’t leave me now
I’m so sorry, please don’t die
Ill make it up some how

She told the man to call for help
And tried to save his life
His last words to her were
I wanted you to be my wife

r s gpbh l ra gw

5 responses

  1. Let’s face it, cheating in hell!

    April 12, 2011 at 17:35

    • yup…the person who cheats will go to hell and the person who gets cheated on is in hell.

      April 12, 2011 at 17:48

  2. I never understood why people choose to cheat, instead of making little things to improve their relationship? Or,if it dosen’t work, end it. Don’t cheat the other one and don’t cheat yourself.

    April 13, 2011 at 02:18

    • Exactly….I understand that people may think there is a reason or can try to vaildate their reason for cheating but in my opinion it is the lowest thing a person van do in a relationship..it totally destroys all trust and that trust might be very hard to gain/build again in future relationships. cheating for me is the worst inner pain you can suffer when you love someone who cheated on you and unlike some people who can forgive the person..I can not ever and would never even want to because if someone cheats on you there is a very big chance it will happen agaon.The same if you go into a relationship with a different person knowing that he or she has cheated in the past..it has a big chance of reoccuring 😦 in the past it has happened to me a few times and that pain can drive you mad and affect you for a long time.

      April 13, 2011 at 08:28

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