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Androxa’s frozen white chocolate and mandarin parfait…

Full view photo here

Ingredients :

# 2 eggs
# 2 egg yolks
# 30 g sugar
# 2.5 dl cream
# 200g white chocolate, grated
# 2 tablespoons milk
# half shot glass Grand Marnier or gin ( I used gin )
# lemon juice
# grated zest of one mandarin
Boil some water in a pot , place a metal bowl on top,reduce heat to simmering
Beat the eggs, yolks and sugar till thick and creamy like a custard,will take 5.10 minutes.make sure you keep whisking so you dont get scrambled eggs.
Remove the bowl from the heat and whisk till lukewarm.
Melt the chocolate gently in the milk. Do not let it boil . Beat the
cream till it stands in soft peaks. Fold the chocolate, cream, liqueur/gin , the mandarin zest
and lemon juice carefully into the egg mixture.
Pour into small ramakins or line a caketin with clingfilm or baking paper and poor the mixture in .place in freezer for a few hours or overnight. if using a caketin as form ,cut slices and fan them on a plate and serve with a sauce. the sauce shown on the photo is made from half measure water and half measure sugar slowly dissolved on the fire and then I added staranise,vanilla,cinnamon and cardamom and a handfull of frozen berries and simmered for about 30 minutes and thickened lightly with cornstarch and finished it off with a squeeze of fresh lime.