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When darkness falls….

Try for a moment to imagine a personal world drained of emotion, a world where perspective disappears. Where strangers, friends, family, and lovers are all held in similar affection, where the events of the day have no obvious priority. There is no guide to deciding which task is most important, which dress to wear, what food to eat. Life is without meaning and with meaning has gone motivation. This colorless state of being—the very antithesis of the emotional outpouring experienced in grief—is exactly what happens to some victims of severe melancholic depression. Emotion drains away to be replaced by a visceral void.

When Darkness Falls
One large dark cloud in the sky
It can’t touch me from so high
Suddenly there is a crash
Then lightening begins to flash

Howling winds whip all around
I search for shelter but none is found
Running, unable to escape
Darkness covers me like a cape

Bullets of rain pelt my skin
I am cold from deep within
Alone I shiver in the dark night
Now too tired to scream or fight

© Jen Diamond , 2003

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