A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

Hands….to feel…..


I haven’t forgotten
That I am just one person,
That I am but one voice
Attempting to stand out
From the crowd.

I remember
That I have fallen
Amidst the laughter
That surrounds me, and that sometimes
It gets too loud.

I know
That I can’t sit here
And expect my silence
To evoke change
Without reason.

I can see
That I don’t know everything,
That I can’t expect
My hand to be held

I can feel
That time is slipping
By me, that it
Will be gone if I just
Stand still.

I have heard
That there are a million
Other voices that sound
Like mine, that want also
To be heard.

I’ve been told
That it’s not enough to
Wish for dreams, that I
Have to work them
Into reality.

I know that I don’t know
All that I think I know.
I know I won’t see all of
The places I wish to go.
I know I’m not ready
For all that the world demands,
You don’t have to always hold me,
Just let me see your hands.

I know
That there’s a lot
That I won’t understand,
That you don’t have all
Of the answers.

I haven’t forgotten
That I have to grow up
And someday live without
Your voice, your opinion–
Making my own decisions.

I know that I don’t know
All that I think I know.
I know that I may not see all
Of the places I want to someday go.
I know I’m not ready for everything
That I won’t always understand
You don’t have to always hold me
But sometimes. . .
Just let me touch your

Jherine N. Saine


10 responses

  1. holding your hand I feel I’m super powerful!!

    January 13, 2012 at 16:43

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  3. Feeling another’s palm in mine is the best. I wanted to reach out and slip my hand into his right hand and feel what someone else sculpted two thousand years ago.

    January 13, 2012 at 16:45

  4. January 13, 2012 at 18:25

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