A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

The seedling…

I have known you through centuries –
In my dreams I am gently guided;
Times and eras where we have been –
Blessed memories, I stand excited.

For all eternity, I have known you –
Through each cycle, to find you at last;
Once again, remembering every event;
As if, all in one moment, is our past.

What was it, my love, that I once did?
A cell of worry exists through fear;
Perhaps, it is, you misunderstood –
It was for your love, I took that spear.

And here and now you seek me out –
Whirling in emotion brought from there;
Rushes running through our veins –
Pinning these hearts that do so dare.

Wondering, why this time, we have chosen –
Such miles in obstacles to be near;
Your day – My night; Opposite worlds –
Why now, in this time, does this appear?

Not meant to be? I couldn’t believe –
How is it, through all, we have still found;
The hearts that beat only for each other –
The signs, all around us, so profound.

Come hither, my love, as I await –
Or bring me to the nearness we so need;
For centuries, together, we have worked –
Planting this ever blossoming seed.

Beth Layne 2009


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