A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

Chocolate and you…

Le Chocolat de Paris

I have two true loves,
You and fine chocolate!
Rarely enjoying milk chocolate-
(Composed of chocolate and lightly caramelized sweet milk)
I must refrain from calling myself
a true chocoholic….
Yet, I have no restraint
When I find myself in the presence
Of a Paris Chocolaterie.

French chocolate is seductive,
reverent, oh, so heavenly!
Chocolate lingers on my enamored tongue,
glistening, teasing my senses, while intoxicating my mind!
Silky smooth, delicious, handcrafted tidbits of bliss-
perfectly placed in gold foil boxes.
Glistening ganache, cocoa-dusted truffles
hinted with ginger and Malabar cardamon,
artisan praline clusters, cloudy-dipped meringues
dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate-
Oh my, chocolate!

My Parisian passion for chocolate
shines in contrast to
my wholesome background
lacking true chocolate delight.
Reared on divinity fudge and frosted chocolate cupcakes,
my “can’t resist” attitude binged only in private.
I was advised to keep my dark chocolate secret…

Although I do love chocolate,
do not be jealous,
for you
my true love
have the finesse of the chocolate of Paris,
tempting me with your irrestible charm.
Your sweetness lingers
long after we kiss-
melting my heart,
like chocolate drops
in the Paris sun.

Sherry Pedersen

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