A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….


Walking the streets when darkness prevails,

And evil lurks around in sinister ways,

Even goodness seems shut up,

Secure behind closed doors!!

The drunk weaves hazy patterns,

Through the quiet streets,

Snarling and muttering aloud,

At the strange sounds of his feet!

Murder seems to sneak around,

In different costumes clean,

Intents hidden in normal tones,

Guns and knives unseen!

Thievery slides in suddenly close,

To rip off the heavy purse,

And strip off the precious things,

That you have slogged to have….

The cheat swaggers on the street,

Having had his fill,

While the poor wife awaits him,

With a steak still warm on the grill!

Stealthily he gets so close,

Too close for any comfort,

He whispers in a hoarse voice,

Asks why I am alone…

Can he accompany me,

And be my chaperone,

My Walk now turns into a jog,

And he is close behind!

I break into a steady run

My elbow, he does find!

Turns me around and glares at me,

His hand on my throat!

I croak out a muffled scream,

Breaking out in cold sweat,

Eyes fly open and I see,

That I am in my bed!

Still shaking but now comforted,

Pale face slowly turning red,

Knowing it is just a dream,

I am laughing now instead!!



5 responses

  1. Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…im scared

    April 9, 2011 at 17:58

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