A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

A new beginning….


The Caterpillar crawled upon the earth dragging itself through the mud

It was covered with sludge from its head to its end for it thought itself simply a bug.

It crawled along looking for food to keep itself alive

It crawled along for days on end to only try to survive

One day it said I cannot go around this ground no more

I’m tired from all the ups and downs Ive only tried to endure.

So it curled up into a ball and wrapped itself uptight

It said no more I wont go on I’m giving up the fight.

It fell asleep prepared to die to end its life so low

For the mud had thickened on its skin, too thick for it to know.

Eventually it awoke from its long nap and opened up its eyes

It felt so strange and different now, had its life all been a lie?

For now it had wings of gold that fluttered in the air

And when it spread them oh so wide it flew without a care.

Its wings of gold were sparkling and it lit up like the sun.

It flew so free and easy and its cares were really none.

Its food was laid before it with no effort of its own

And it danced to all the breezes for its true self now was known.

Sally Montoye

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