A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

Look who’s talking now…

The Anger

In a dark corner,
a small child cries,
as he listens to an argument,
thrashing hateful lies.
He thinks of happy things
and tries to ignore the pain,
he prays and wishes,
he could just get away.
His heart falls
every time his parents fight.
He searches for a quiet place,
where he can safely hide.
When his father works,
he stays in his room
to avoid his mother’s friends,
faces filled with gloom.
He tries not to listen,
when his father talks to friends,
he drinks and bitches about his life,
the boy just wants it to end.
The pain, the tears, the yelling,
he begs, “please stop the noise.”
He dreads waking up to his mother’s voice.
Her screams and his yells,
he hits and her eyes turn red.
He knows the “Anger,”
will soon find them dead.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena M. St. Charles

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