A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

Be still….

Shh..be quiet
Listen to the whisper from my soul.
I wish I could
With a gentle kiss upon your brow
Erase the shadows from your eyes
Or with a soft caress
Calms the storm that rage within
With a magic word
Do away with all your troubles
Replace you burdens
With sheer joyfulness.

But dearest
You cross I cannot carry
Instead, here is the key
to a paradise of bliss
a place where for a little while
together we can flee.

Look at me.
Touch me.
I’m here, for you.
Find refuge
In my willing, yielding body

Come walk with me
the road of sweet escape.
I freely give myself – for you to take.
next month,
years thereafter,
remember me,
the one woman,
who never asked for anything,
but to see upon your face
contentment, happiness and peace.


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