A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

Torn apart….

This post does not reflect my feelings ,it is just a poem I found 🙂

Torn Apart

When you walk my way

I try and look brave

I’m breaking, shattered

My heart is tattered

I’ll wish upon a falling star

Wondering where you are

Waste the time to pick the flower’s petals

To only find that we’re not meant to be together

The pain seeps in on the closing gap

In your fingers is where I am wrapped

This feeling seems to be a must

But I don’t like to touch

Apparently you&me don’t belong in words

We have no song, unlike the bird’s

I crave you sometimes late at night

My feelings seem to be in a losing fight

In all the wrongs you are but all

And slowly I’m still trapped behind your wall

I’m remember as the person who broke you

Don’t even care that you did too

If you were written on paper like a mistake

I could make my final erase

Can’t you see I’m in the dark

Can’t you see I’m torn apart?

Aleksandra Lachut


Poem found here

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