A mixture of art in all its forms and random grabs from life and whatever else bubbles up….

In my heart….

I have a little heart.
I keep it inside my canary
To keep it safe.

My canary,
She is just a little fluff
Of feathers and bones.
I keep her inside a cage
To keep her safe.

The cage is an antique.
Unique metal frame
And very precious.
I keep it underneath a sheet
To keep it safe.

Next to the canary cage are my old books.
The books are very fragile.
Cracked spines and crumbling pages.
I keep them high up on a shelf
To keep them safe.

These shelves were very expensive.
Fine cedar
And delicate molding.
I keep the den locked
To keep them safe.

Today I wanted to share my heart.
To brake through the locked door
The high shelves
The white sheet
The metal frame
The bones
The feathers
And take that heart

Yet the key was so beautiful.
Golden hue
And an ivory handle.
So I buried it
Where no one could find it
Not even me.
To keep it safe.


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